Frequently Asked Questions

Does Applied Mechanical Technology install systems?

No, sorry we do not.  But we work closely with whomever you designate. We cannot be price competitive in markets far from our shops location, nor do we have contractors licenses for every state.  It is better to have a local electrical and mechanical contractors to become familiar with your installation so they can provide continued support.

Will you help designing our system?

Yes, we can do a certain amount of design with the proposal, however if chosen for the project, Applied Mechanical Technology will assist you, and/or your engineers with considerable design guidance including; process, equipment sizing and selection, recommended layout, Process and Instrument Diagrams, General Arrangement drawings, and detailed engineering submittals for electrical (including one line diagrams and network maps) and mechanical.  We cannot however provide detailed piping diagrams or wiring/conduit diagrams.  Your engineers or contractors will provide that. We just help.

Will you visit the facility during installation?

Yes, Applied Mechanical Technology will gladly visit to meet with your installers and project managers to help develop a task list, review project documentation, point out intricacies and answer questions etc.  Then during installation we remain at you and your installer’s disposal with unlimited phone and email support. This service has a cost that is quoted separately from the equipment.

Will you assist in startup and training?

Yes, Applied Mechanical Technology will dispatch field engineers and technicians to the site just as the installers are completing the install.  We will inspect the installation in detail for mechanical and electrical.  We then test all instruments and controls. We test all piping (with tap water), pump valves etc.  Once installation is certified 100% complete and correct we begin operating your system and training the operators. This service has a cost that is quoted separately from the equipment.

Will you specify chemistry for Wastewater Treatment Systems?

Yes, we can help more or less with this function.  We have our own modest treatability testing lab but we prefer to work with your chemical supplier.  We speak the lingo and can help the chemistry providers optimize the chemical usage with our systems and we collaborate with them to ensure you get the best possible efficacy from your chemical budget.  If you don’t have a chemical supplier, don’t worry, we can recommend several that we’ve worked with over the years.  Some only cover certain geographical areas and some provide better services to certain industries.  We know who’s who.

Do you know how to clean crude oil tanks?

Yes!  We’ve built a reputation on cleaning all sorts of tank trailers and railcars with a wide variety of commodities. We have extensive experience in crude oil, refining oils, edible oils, plastics, chemicals and food products.  Give us a call and we will be glad to discuss your application in detail.

How long does it take to design, build, and install a complete system?

It can vary with the project but generally speaking it goes like this:


  • PO is issued and down payment made. Develop detailed project specific engineering submittals including drawings and specifications.
    Typically 2-3 weeks
  • Customer review submittals Q&A period, and approve for release to fabricate. Note: Fabrication does not commence until you are satisfied with the engineering.
    Typically 1-2 weeks.
  • Submittals approved – release project for fabrication.
    Typically 12-16 weeks to fabricate a complete medium sized project. Includes QC inspections but shipping is extra time, typically 1-2 weeks.
  • This can vary significantly as you would imagine, but plan on 8-14 weeks to be safe.
  • This too can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. 
    Typically, small systems can take 1 week (after 100% install complete) and larger systems can take 1-3 weeks.