Complete Wastewater Systems

Applied Mechanical Technology is an industry leader in industrial wastewater treatment components and systems. Since 1997 we’ve been designing and building industrial equipment and systems for variety of industries.

We design and build all our core technology equipment in-house. Our complete line of equipment includes:

  • Oil Water Separators
  • DAF Dissolved Air Flotation
  • Inclined plate Clarifiers
  • Multimedia filters
  • Controls Packages

These are the core of our complete wastewater systems packages. We complete our systems with strategic OEM relationships for all the other necessary components such as instruments, pumps, valves etc.

Complete Wastewater SystemsAs we design and manufacture our core equipment and systems in our own shop we have the flexibility and the ability to configure our systems as needed to meet the most stringent project specifications while exceeding customer’s expectations.

Our Complete Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems are configured for a variety of industries including:

  • Metal finishing, metal plating, forging, galvanizing, phosphatizing, conversion coating, chrome plating to name a few. Process includes chromium reduction, precipitation, coagulation and flocculation. Separation of metals from water include clarification, flotation, and filtration.
  • Food Processing, cooked meats, vegetable washing/cooking, bakery sanitation wastewater, deli meats, seafood, tankwash wastewater. Process includes emulsion breaking, coagulation, flocculation, solids (TSS), BOD and COD reduction, FOG (O&G) removal and water recycling.
  • Refinery wastewater. Chemical and petroleum based process wastewater from various unit processes in refineries. Includes cooling water, process water, process filter backwash, produced water, cracking unit wastewater. Process includes oil emulsion breaking, precipitation, coagulation, separation by clarification, flotation, filtration.
  • Groundwater remediation. We make systems that typically compliment a complete groundwater remediation system. Our systems are typically employed at the beginning or the end of a complete system. Our systems provide gross oil removal, solids and metals reduction on the front end and final filtration on the back end. Typically a complete groundwater remediation system includes various other technologies such as AO Advanced Oxidation, VOC air stripping, membrane filtration, IX and carbon adsorption. These systems benefit and in some cases must have reduced load for them to work correctly. Gross and free oil removal is needed prior to membranes and carbon, solids reduction is needed to improve clarity so that AO systems work best, Metal reduction is needed to improve IX resin utilization.
  • Tankwash and Railcar washing wastewater. Tankwash wastewater is some of the toughest there is because the strength and composition changes frequently depending on what is being washed. With our Tankwash Systems Division experience coupled with our wastewater experience we have more to offer than anyone else in the industry. Our systems include emulsion breaking, precipitation, coagulation, and flocculation. We separate the contaminants from water using various technologies including clarification, flotation, and filtration.
  • Industrial laundries can provide difficult wastewater because of heavy use of detergents that can emulsify oils and resist coagulation. Laundries are typically categorized as either shop towel and traffic mats or table cloth and linens. Shop towels present considerable oily water while linens are easier but contain solids and lint. Our complete systems use a separate emulsion breaking stage and high performance chemicals to get the job done. This coupled with oxidation, coagulation and flocculation with separation by clarification, flotation and filtration will get the job done.

Typical Options Include:

  • Complete Wastewater SystemsMild steel or stainless steel construction
  • Special coatings internal and/or external
  • XP rated explosion proof or intrinsically safe electrical components
  • Bottom sludge augers
  • Top surface scum skimmers
  • Complete control packages
  • Pump skids, inlet, effluent, oil, sludge
  • Chemical dosing and FFM Flash-Floc-Mixing Systems
  • Operator platforms
  • Effluent filters

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We use only the highest quality materials, pumps, instruments, valves and controls components to ensure you the heavy duty robust performance you demand in today’s highly competitive market environment. All our systems are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and are extensively tested throughout the fabrication process. We perform a variety of NDE testing including PQR, UT, XT, full hydro, dye penetrant, ASME pressure testing and of course visual inspections and functional testing both in-shop and in the field.


We design and build all our own controls in-house to UL-508A Industrial Control Panel standards with strict conformance to NEC, ANSI and NFPA regulations. All panels are built to UL standards and are individually UL certified if required.

Our operator controls interface scheme is the most advanced in the wastewater industry. We offer basic simplified controls to full featured controls systems that use SQL database platforms permitting the generation, archiving and managed all trending and effluent data. Our most advanced controls offer operator input of bench treatability testing that then allow the system.


Our Industrial Tankwash Division designs and builds Railcar and Tank Trailer Internal wash systems to wash everything from Crude oil to Edible oils, from Chemicals to Corn Starch and everything in between. When you wash an industrial tank, you create an industrial wastewater and we take care of that too.