Industrial Wastewater Treatment

We design and manufacture industrial wastewater treatment components and systems in our facility in Momence, Illinois U.S.A. to the highest engineering practices and standards. Our 60 year+ collective experience in a wide variety of industrial wastewater projects means we bring a lot to the table to help you solve the toughest wastewater problems.

Our process engineering service provides robust systems solutions to ensure compliance with the toughest non-direct (sanitary sewer, POTW) discharge and direct discharge (surface and beneficial use water) more stringent NPDES discharge criteria. Our systems are employed in everything from sanitary sewer discharge to surface water discharge criteria.

What We Do – The Components and Systems We Make

We provide high performance core technology components, or complete integrated systems in manual, semi and fully automatic configurations. Our expertise in industrial wastewater includes everything from small and large continuous flow (5-5000 gpm) of semi and fully automatic systems and small to medium sized (50-5000 gal) sequencing batch reaction systems (SBRS). Our systems utilized our core component industrial wastewater treatment equipment and technology and are designed for a wide variety of industrial wastewater applications including:

  • Complete wastewater controls packages with state of the art operator control screens using the latest color touch screens, operational calculations automation, and component maintenance reminders. Our controls are motor and logic controls combined so no external MCC needed.
  • pH adjust and pH neutralization from small lab sized to large fully automated systems.
  • FFM Flash Floc Mixing systems in single and multi-stage chambers for mixing precipitant, coagulant, oxidant, reductants and flocculants.
  • Dissolved air flotation (DAF) and Induced air flotation (IAF) systems for flotation or “enhanced gravity” separation of wastee material from water.
  • Oil Water Separators, CPI & TPI Oil Water Separators, Slant Rib Oil Water Separators, API Oil Water Separators, Coalescing Water Separators, Centrifugal Force Oil Water Separators (CFOWS) for separation of oil from water.
  • Emulsion breaking systems, emulsion cracking systems including acidification and demulsifier coagulant systems for de-emulsification of mechanical and chemical oil/water emulsions.
  • Metal precipitating systems, coagulation and flocculation systems for precipitation of Chrome, Zinc, Lead, Copper, Nickel, Aluminum and other heavy metals.
  • Inclined Plate Clarifiers for separation of coagulated metals and solids from water by settling.
  • Multi-media filters (MMF), organoclay filters, carbon filters, mixed media filters and ion exchange (IX) filters for polishing and clarifying effluent or filtering drinking water.
  • Sludge dewatering systems, filter presses, sludge storage and sludge thickening systems for solid waste reduction and reduced disposal and handling costs.
  • Shipyard Wastewater Treatment Systems, Tank Trailer and Railcar Wastewater Treatment Systems, Carwash and Truckwash Wastewater Treatment Systems, Plating Wastewater Treatment Systems, Bilge Oily Wastewater Treatment Systems (BOWTS), Goundwater Treatment and Remediation Systems.

The Industries We Serve

Our components, equipment, controls and systems are employed in a wide variety of industrial wastewater projects in the U.S. and worldwide including:

  • Metal finishing; Strip coil steel processing, metal forming (conduit, canning, automotive), chrome and nickel plating, conversion coating prep, phosphatizing, anodizing and pH adjusting.
  • Food Processing; meat cooking, vegetable and fruit washing, snack cake baking, meat processing, oils dressings spreads and spices and food processing facility cleaning/sanitizing solutions wastewater treatment.
  • Refinery and Petro Chemicals; Unit process wastewater treatment, end of pipe wastewater treatment, oily water separation, solids and metals removal, oil/water emulsion breaking, pH adjusting, cooling water filtration, and produced water treatment.
  • Power Plants; Oily water treatment, coal pile runoff treatment, cooling water filtration, emulsion breaking (cracking) and pH adjustment, solids and metals reduction.
  • Railcar and Tankwash wastewater treatment; Commercial and industrial tankwash operations include chemical grade, food grade and specialty grade tankwash (crude oil, adhesives, coatings). Tankwash operations generate some of the most difficult and variable wastewater often requiring several treatment methods combined into one. Our sore component technologies meet the need and provide the discharge compliance needed to keep your operation running smooth.

How We Do It

We work with plant engineers, environmental engineers, consulting engineers, installation contractors, and direct with customers and owners to develop a wastewater treatment solution that is tailored for your specific application. We can assist with equipment specification development and sizing calculations or we can bid into an existing specification or project.

We also work with all the major chemical companies (Nalco, Betz, CCI, Hexagon, Hydrite) as well as perform our own treatability studies and bench scale testing to develop solutions that are based on real results and control operating cost. Our strategic OEM relationship with many industry leaders in the wastewater component market allows us to use high quality brand name accessory components like mixers, dosing pumps, analytical instruments (pH sensors, flow sensors, ORP sensors), pumps and tanks to compliment the core component technologies we manufacture to make a high quality completely integrated system.

Our Quality Commitment

We commission (startup) all of our systems to ensure the best possible performance and customer satisfaction and to review our designs in action for continual product improvement. Our engineering and productions staff meet regularly to go over various equipment designs and potential improvements. Our productions department uses stringent inspection procedures for fabrications, coatings, welding and overall form fit and function.

We regularly participate with engineers and third party inspection services with detailed QC inspections and documentation procedures on many of our highly complex projects. Every project receives our attention to detail and quality in all areas to ensure our customers receive the quality they expect and deserve.

Customer Support

We start with a comprehensive and detailed proposal that clearly states our project understanding and any assumptions or data gaps. If necessary we can develop the process and perform any treatability testing needed.

If selected for a project we go to work producing detailed project submittals including general arrangement drawings, diagrams, sizing calculations, and specific component data sheets to provide the client and installers with the details they need to fully grasp the project. We then assist the installers and planners with information they need to complete their task in the most efficient manner. Then when onsite during startup we perform a full installation inspection to ensure mechanical and electrical installation are correct and proper. If there are any discrepancies we note them and assist the client/installers with corrections. Once the installation is certified we can go to work commissioning the system and training the operators. Finally, we provide final documentation with as built corrections (if any) and operator’s manuals.

After startup, we continue to support the project as needed with parts, repair assistance, process advice and warranty support. All of out customers receive the same attention to detail no matter the project.

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