Our Abilities

Applied Mechanical Technology Company is a full service design, fabricate, build, and install capable company in the industrial CIP-Clean In Place, tank trailer cleaning, railcar cleaning, liquid transloading, water and wastewater, controls, process piping, and boiler markets. 

We design and building the systems we offer. Our specialties include;


Tank Trailer Cleaning Systems

with everything from platforms to spinners to solution tank systems to boilers to controls to wastewater treatment.

CIP – Clean In Place Systems

for all types of process industries including tank cleaning, food processing, chemicals, paints and coatings, dry materials, resins, latex, pigments, pharmaceuticals and rail car cleaning.

Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems

We can treat the wastewater our systems generate with our line of oil water separators, inclined plate clarifiers, dissolved air flotation DAF systems, filters, multimedia filters, carbonfilters, organoclay filters, flash/floc chemical mixing systems, chemical dosing systems, sludge dewatering filter press, pumps, mixers, controls, complete systems or single components.

Water Treatment Systems

Our line of water treatment equipment includes clarifiers, dissolved air flotation DAF systems, chemical dosing, filters, greensand filters, multimedia filters built using AWWA B100 specifications, pumps and process piping.

Liquid Transloading Systems

Moving bulk liquids from one transportation mode to another.  Our designs include railcar, barge and tank trailer transloading facilities.  Our capabilities include process piping, insulation, tankage, pump stations, boilers, heating systems for product heating, air systems, blowdown systems, and railcar washing systems.

Controls Systems

Our in-house controls engineering department provides state-of-the-art controls packages built to UL standards.  We use all the latest controls technologies as we design, build and test our controls systems in-house.  We use all the major brands of controls including Rockwell Automation-Allen Bradley, ABB, Cutler Hammer, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Telemecinique, GE Fanuc and others.

Process Piping

Applied Mechanical Technology fabricates and provides all types of process piping to support and install the systems we provide.  Process piping of all types including welded steel pipe, stainless steel welded pipe, stainless steel welded sanitary pipe, plastic piping, valves, strainers, pumps, manifolds, insulation, steam jacketing, heat tracing and racks and hangers.  From simple pipe assemblies to complex facility piping we can do it all.


Applied Mechanical Technology provides complete boiler and accessories packages to compliment the process systems we provide.  40-800 horsepower steam boilers from all the majorbrands.  We can design and provide a boiler system to heat product tanks and pipes, clean tanks and piping, heat solution tanks, and provide heat exchange and recovery packages.  Our boiler systems (up to 100 hp) can be installed into a standard shipping container that can easily be dropped at the site and quickly hooked up for easy low cost installation.

With our extensive experience in process systems design you can be assured of a well thought out project approach.

Our staff has over 30 years of collective experience in designing process systems.  Our mechanical and controls engineering departments employ the latest technology and software to complete projects with the utmost professional approach.

Our client list includes some of the most prominent in the industry today.  Every client is treated with the utmost respect and are given the benefits of our years of experience.  Every project is important and every project is a showcase of our expertise and talent.  Quality is balanced with cost to ensure the right components are used in the right places.  Most of our systems offer many configuration choices including materials of construction, components, instruments, and operational access.  Our state of the art controls systems provide operators and managers with the tools to do a good job and track the results.  Customer satisfaction is the driving motive behind all of our endeavors.

Our relationships with major manufacturers of system components means you get the best component for the job.  We are not tied to any one manufacturer but have relationships with all the major suppliers in the process systems markets.