Chemical Grade Tank & Railcar Wash Systems

Applied Mechanical Technology is an industry leader in industrial – heavy duty – commercial tankwash systems.  Since 1997 we’ve been designing and building tankwash systems for commercial and dedicated Tanker Truck and Railcar Tankwash facilities.  We have many standard models for both Food Grade Systems and Chemical Grade Tankwash Systems.  We also customize our systems as needed to meet specifications and specific project goals and requirements.  We design and manufacture our systems in our own shop which provides us the flexibility and the ability to configure our systems as needed to meet the most stringent project specifications while exceeding customer’s expectations.

Various Models

Our Chemical Grade Tankwash Systems are available in Mild Steel, Coated Mild Steel, and Stainless steel .

We make a variety of sizes and configurations including water and chemical tankwash system (hot or cold), diesel pre-solv wash systems (for crude oil and some resins typically).  Our systems include as much or as little as you need.  We offer complete access platform systems, overhead trolley and hoist systems (for spinner nozzles), tank dryer systems using filtered air and discharging either ambient or hot 135F air for rapid tank drying.

Whatever system you need – we can make it.

We make chemical grade system for a variety of food related industries including but not limited to:

  • Crude oil
  • Refined oil and oil additives
  • Chemicals, solvents
  • Paint and paint additives
  • Adhesives, glues
  • Plastics, plastic pellets
  • Fuels
  • Fertilizers


Our tankwash systems are available in a variety of configurations to suit any project requirement.   From a single bay tankwash system to an eight bay tankwash system and everything in between and more. 

We make systems that provide limited water recycling as permitted by regulations as well as single shot virgin water systems that do not recycle water whatsoever thereby preventing possible cross contamination of the tanks being cleaned.


We use only the highest quality materials, pumps, instruments, valves and controls components to ensure you the heavy duty robust performance you demand in today’s highly competitive market environment.  All our systems are built to the highest standards of craftsmanship and are extensively tested throughout the fabrication process.


We design and build all our own controls in-house to UL-508A Industrial Control Panel standards with strict conformance to NEC ANSI/NFPA 70 regulations.  All panels are built to UL standards and are individually UL certified if required.

Our operator controls interface scheme is the most advanced in the tankwash industry.  We offer basic simplified controls to full featured controls systems that use SQL database platforms permitting the generation, archiving and managed network access of wash tickets and wash certificates.  Never before has real time wash facility capacity throughput been so easy to track.

Energy & Cost Saving

Our systems are designed with cost saving features that efficiently use energy and water as much as possible to minimize operational costs and minimize the load on your boiler and other utilities.


Our Industrial Wastewater Systems Division is highly experienced in tankwash wastewater which can be some of the most challenging in the industry due to the large variety of products being washed out from various tankers from day to day.  Our extensive exposure in tankwash applications has given us the insights and experience to design and provide robust wastewater systems to meet today’s challenges of regulatory compliance.  Our Wastewater Systems Division provides wastewater systems for many industries including food related, metal finishing, petroleum and chemical refining, groundwater remediation, electronics and a variety of other manufacturing industries.