Parts & Repair


Applied Mechanical Technology can provide parts and repair assistance for all current and past projects. Each project has a serial # that is the same series as the original project #. Each submittal drawing and document will have this number on it in either of two forms XX-XXXX_ _ _ or XXXX _ _ _. The first 4 or 6 digits are want are needed for us to quickly and accurately access your project data to find parts lists etc.

The submittal documents provided during the project will contain most if not all parts lists for each and every component used. Each component data sheet has the summary information including make and model of component used. This information is helpful if you want to find local parts sources or if you want Applied Mechanical Technology to provide parts etc.

Applied Mechanical Technology can even provide parts and service for other manufacturers systems. We routinely fabricate components to repair or upgrade other manufacturers systems.

Repair Service

Field service for installed systems is available too but tends to include travel costs adders. We offer technical phone and email support too that can assist you in finding local repair solutions.

Most of our controls packages are provided with a secure and dedicated Ethernet connection device and access router that enables Applied Mechanical Technology to access the controls over the internet. This is very cost effective (no travel costs involved) and enables us to provide a very high level of real time technical support for troubleshooting, software patches and upgrades.

Contact Applied Mechanical Technology by phone or email to:

Toll Free 877-489-2681 or Direct at 815-472-2700