Industrial Wastewater Treatment Systems for Houston Companies

Industrial Wastewater Treatment SystemsSince 1997, Applied Mechanical Technology has been providing premium quality industrial wastewater treatment systems for Houston companies. An impressive team of industry professionals specialize in the design and construction of treatment systems and components in a wide range of industries.

At Applied Mechanical Technology, experienced technicians use only the highest quality materials to produce the heavy-duty performance you demand and expect. All of the complete industrial wastewater systems meet the highest production standards of craftsmanship for Houston companies, and are extensively tested to ensure maximum quality and performance.

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Highest Quality Industrial Wastewater Systems for Houston Companies

Applied Mechanical Technology is dedicated to designing and building all of its core technology equipment in-house. Our line of complete industrial wastewater systems and equipment includes:

  • Controls packages
  • DAF dissolved air flotation
  • Inclined plate clarifiers
  • Multimedia filters
  • Oil water separators

Complete wastewater systems from Applied Mechanical Technology are configured for a variety of industries including:

  • Metal Finishing and Plating: Separation of metals from water includes clarification, flotation, and filtration.
  • Food Processing: Cooked meats, vegetable washing/cooking, bakery sanitation wastewater, deli meats, and seafood.
  • Refinery Wastewater: Chemical and petroleum-based process wastewater from various unit processes in refineries.
  • Groundwater Remediation: Complete wastewater systems are typically used at the beginning or the end of a complete system.
  • Tankwash and Railcar Washing Wastewater: The strength and composition changes frequently depending on what is being washed.
  • Industrial Laundries: Laundries are typically categorized as either shop towel and traffic mats or table cloth and linens.

Professional Industrial Wastewater Systems in Houston

For complete information on the wide range of products and services for complete industrial wastewater systems in Houston, call toll free 815-472-2700 now and speak to one of our knowledgeable representatives. Or you can simply fill out the user-friendly contact form on this page and we will respond shortly.

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